Friday, July 24, 2009

Milagro Workshop

Carrie Gunning and her Milagro~She's a super talented artist and related to Dolly Parton, sounds just like her too!

Pam Grayson~Owner of the Altered Muse~Her Milagro came out Divine! Good Job Pam!

Carrie working diligently on her paper hand

Yay and here's Marie Jenkins~She said she needed a miracle, well I hope this did it for her!
Always wishing you well Marie!


And here's my daughter Kendall who joined in on the fun!

The Group~Lisa, Martha, Me, Carrie, Marie, & Pam
Great Picture Kendall!!

Martha and her Milagro!

I love it!!

Great Job Kendall!!

This was a wonderful class and the nicest group of gals, I hope they were inspired and miracles happen for all of them!
P.S. Lisa I hope you eye feels better!


Tina said...

Looks like ya'll had some fun there!! I stopped by yesterday and met with Pam! she's a sweetie!
Hope all is well your way!! hugs,t

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

hey, my sweet bff!
yeah, here i am commenting on a july blog post - L-A-M-E, huh.
i'm playing catch up while i'm taking a break from blogging and fb'ing.
what i'm really supposed to be doing is getting ready for a HUGE like 35% off sale on *most* of my etsy shop items!
but, i wanted to catch up on all of these posts i'm supposed to be following and weed them out and keep only the ones that i REALLY care about (you fit that category:).

so, tell me, dear one, how do i find a list of the classes you are teaching and where they are being taught? i need to spend some creating time with you!

xoxo, jan
i wish i would have been able to attend this class - these pieces look amazing!!!!