Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tutelage Has Arrived!

I have finally completed the first tutorial in the hopes of many more to come! I will keep it here on this blog till I customize another link for it! I hope for those of you that feel so inclined to take on this crepe creation tutorial will share your final outcomes with me as well as your feedback!

Thank you for your patience and Enjoy!

Rabbit front 2010 signed

Whim & Fancy Presents…

Easter Chenille Rabbit Tutorial

This tutorial is 24 pages of yummy crepe techniques and dressing these fabulous German Scrap rabbits from head to toe in the fanciest and whimsical crepe paper outfits! Tutorial comes with a complete supply list and step by step colored instructions to complete the girl, boy, and baby rabbit! As an added bonus I have also included a copy of the vintage German Rabbit Scrap from my own personal collection. This tutorial is timeless and will definitely be used over and over again.

Cost $25

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To purchase click shopping cart above which will direct you to Paypal site for payment. Once payment is made my E-Tutorial will automatically be sent to you through E-Junkie, a digital download site. It's convenient and fast!

Thank you for your purchase and have fun creating!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tutelage on it’s way!


Tell your sisters, tell your friends, tell your next door neighbors!!!!!!

Whim & Fancy Designs will soon be  posting Tutorials of all sorts at very reasonable cost! 

I’ve decided to share my creping secrets and whimsical projects and make them readily available to you. Tutorials such as Cage Crepe Dolls,  Cockade Embellishments and sewing your own fabulous  looking crepe paper ruffles! The list goes on and on!

  The tutorials will be photo and text ready. I opted-out of the video/you tube delivery because theatrics are just not my speed. I’m sure you understand and besides I love the fact that you will be able to print out the tutorials and have  a hard copy in your own two hands.

I hope to have an Easter Tutorial within the next two weeks and a new tutorial every two-three weeks thereafter.

If you would like to be placed on a mailing list please send me an email with your name and email addy and I’ll add you on! 

Thanks for stopping by and I am looking forward to Whim & Fancy Designs Tutelage!

A little extra…

Please leave a sweet comment and or email for email listing and I will have a drawing for a free tutorial for the  first project I list!

See you all soon!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paper, Fabric & Clay!

I‘ve found when I use a combination of different art medias, I come up with the most wonderful creations. It just makes me giggle. These are my new Girlies and they stand almost 33 inches high! Depending on how big I make their hair! They are made of a fabric body and their dress is made of crepe paper and fabric, of course! Their hair is made entirely paper and their face is of clay and hand painted. What possed me to make these beautiful creatures? I wanted softness along with paper but clay was out of need for substance. I love them! What do you think? They are up for grabs on my Etsy site, I do hope they find a good home! Also Lisa Kettell has just shared with me the amazing rates that are being offered this month for Art Opera 2010. Please go to the Art Opera site and take a peek,, she is also having some fantastic giveaways! Don’t forget I will also be teaching some fabulous classes, I am so excited and ready for the NJ adventure!

Happy Blogging!

IMG_0104 IMG_0107



IMG_0125 IMG_0134

Paper Girlies…….I just love them!