Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Halloween is near!

I love when I wake up and I can see the morning light filter through my bedroom window.......It's the way it shades certain parts of the room and I can tell fall is approaching. I can even smell it in the air! It's a clean crisp smell and I can feel the breeze as it comes trough in the early morning as I send my children off to school! That means Halloween to me! I recently created Crepe Spun Stars and they are currently available in my Etsy Shop! Come by and take a peek!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Setting the Stage! Creped Ruffles Have Arrived!

How 'bout these babies? The creped ruffles that I use on my creations, are now available on my etsy site. There are four styles available and more to follow.
The large peony ruffle, the small peony ruffle, rosette ruffle, and the banner ruffle. The large and small peony ruffles are a two fold, not only does it make for terrific boarders on you creation but it also make terrific flowers!
The rosette ruffle makes the most perfect rosette and daisy like flowers. The banner ruffle is what I use on my creped spun stars and it also makes for terrific birthday and holiday swags! The possibilities are endless and for all those scrapbookers out there, these ruffles will add so much dimension to your pages! Also I have begun to add halloween spirit on my etsy site as well!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Quandary....My Deliverance!

Here I sit into the wee hours of the night contemplating this quandary I have found myself in. As I flicker through etsy, I am astounded at the growth and popularity of crepe paper. Fabulous, I think to myself but as I notice more and more it not necessarily the crepe creations I see coming to life but the supplies and the pre-made crepe stash that is being sold. Is this what it has come to? I feel like the old samurai who has lost his battle and is capitulating his defeat.

Have I lost anyone so far? OK, let me start by saying that art is what is created through vision and your own two hands and sometimes it is necessary to help get a jump start. Some kind of inspiration! So I guess this is where the pre-made stash and supplies come from. I can't speak for others and their forms of art but as far as my crepe creations are concerned, I am saddened by all this. So this is why I sit here contemplating on how I should feel and are my feelings truly valid? Should I be depressed about others providing pre-made crepe or should I be the visionary that I am and look for the silver lining?
Wait I hear a knock at my door.....Oh it's opportunity!
Well as the old saying goes, if you can't beat them join them! So out of all my inner deliberating I have come to the conclusion that I should look at this from your point of view. I know there are many of you who are devoted and frequent my blog and my etsy site. So why not begin on journey to teach and educate those of you who are interested in learning the trade of crepe! I will also begin to provide you with my pre-made rosette and a wide variety of ruffles of crepe, through my etsy site. I guess if you want crepe, you should get the good crepe! It is with no intentions of diminishing or lessening others innovations or hard work but the way I see it...this is my passion and I must stand up for myself and don't take anyone else's crepe! I am a firm believer in "give credit where credit is due".....Long live Dennison, King of Crepe!
For all of those who took time to read this...Thank you! I can only hope to continue to inspire and create the best possible crepe creations ever and all with my own two little hands!

Friday, August 1, 2008

So, You say it's your Birthday? It's my Birthday too!

Yes..... today is my birthday!!! I won't tell you how old I am (he he)but what I will tell you is that I am happy with all that is encompassed in my life and today is a beautiful day to Celebrate! I woke up this morning to a fantastic birthday on-line debut with Glitter & Grunge, a juried co-op of very talented artist. Go ahead and take a peek, you may find just what you are looking for and maybe a pocket full of inspiration to create! My birthday wish today for you all is.... Everyone that reads this entry is blessed with good fortune and
happiness to last a lifetime and then some!~~** Fiddle dee dee and Happy Birthday to Me**~~!