Saturday, October 18, 2008

!!**~TrICk Or TReaT oR cRAfT~**!!

It's October 18th and it's time for Vanessa Valencia's of A Fanciful Twist, Halloween party! Get out your brooms, capes, and shake out those striped stockings and get geared up for an eventful weekend of spooks, witches, and the everlasting pumpkin filled with candy. Sit back, relax and grab some candy corn and enjoy the "Love in Space-Overture"!

I always begin decorating with my tide and true Christmas balls, I have every color imaginable! Their shape, color, and sparkle bring back childhood memories of good times with family and friends! These little glass delicacies are not just for Christmas, ya' know!

As for the chandeliers in my house...they're part of the family, they are the earrings of my house! I deck them out every holiday with whatever tickles my fancy at the time! Tulle is always an inexpensive way to begin the foundation! As long as you have floral wire , pliers and a good foundation, you can produce visual eye candy for all your guest to enjoy!

I think I'll make a pair of witches boots out of these little wooden molds.

Think they'll fit?

Time to begin our journey!

My Halloween bubble lights which I cherish to death have lighted the way for you!

Halloween D'Paris......How chic!

Party lights are on and it's time to party!

Now what's a party without candy? I never heard of such a thing! That's absurd! You must always supply your guests with a little of the sweet stuff, even if does require a trip to the dentist...haha!

Game faces on .......Party on!!!!!

I seem to have misplaced my eyeballs....have you seen them?

I brought some rose colored glasses just for you, it would such a shame if you didn't see things my way...hehe

Now for my teeth....where did I put those little buggers!

Ahhhh...the food has finally arrived, please take two if you like, I'm not greedy!

Aren't they cute!!! Remember what they say about two birds of a feather!
It's craft time!!!!!!!!!

This was made especially for Sharon of My Vintage Studio, Think she'll like it?

This Charmed banner was made for Glitter and Grunge October Artist Challenge!

One of my custom made crepe spun stars made for a very special client!

Does someone feel a little under dressed...hehe

OOOOhhh, I feel so beautiful...Don't you? Because you are!!!!

Say Cheese!

uh oh...... I think someone had to much candy!

I think it's almost time to say goodbye, last family pic!

Wishing you all a terrific Halloween and a bucket full of candy!

As always Vanessa, It was a pleasure and your party was devine! Goodbye, Thank you for stopping by and Come Again soon!

One last note........Always BELIEVE! It's the dreamers and the imagination movers that keep this world a colorful and happy place to be, for it is up to us to keep the inspiration alive and vibrant for all those who are trying to find their way!
Hoorah, Crepe, Glitter and Glue!
~Ann-Denise, The Queen of Crepe!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

~~**Halloween Flight Night Has Arrived**~~

I love it when you open your front door and there sits a package from the post office, your heart begins to flutter and the excitment rushes through you body...ohhhh, I giggle with delight trying frantically to open the box without damaging the inner contents. AAHHH, beautiful works of art and all made especially for me! The following pics are all of the goodies from Sharon Wideman of My Vintage Studio for the swap that we took part in, Halloween Flight Swap Hosted by Hophopjingleboo . I am amzed with her detail and the small intrecacies of her work. I will display all the beauties proudly on my halloween tree! I encourage everyone to take a stroll over to My Vintage Studio and see what goodies you might find there for this holiday season!