Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gratis Tutorial ~ Anthropomorphic Horsey


This is free tutorial for all to enjoy and  a sweet Thank you for those who stop by and read the blog every now and then and also for those who are ever so loyal and have purchased my tutorials!

This Whim & Fancy Original online tutorial is an inspired piece of anthropomorphic animals and I found a horse to be the most suitable creature for this tutorial.  Feel free to interchange the crepe paper and chenille colors and embellishments. It will surely add your own style if you do!

Just imagine a whole line of these~The Dancing Horseys!

Supply List


1.  Chenille Stems (Hobby Lobby, Michaels)

2.  Crepe Paper Sheets (Hobby Lobby, Blumchen’s)

3. Seam Binding

4.  Feathers

5. Buttons, rhinestones, baubles of sorts

6. Thread & Needle

7. Scissors

8. Millinery Cutters for Chenille stems

9. Glue gun & sticks

10. Victorian Scrap Horsey Head from my private collection (head can be found at bottom of the tutorial, just right click and save, print out from your printer!)



Step 1.


Begin Intertwining the two chenille stems together by pinching the two at the top to secure them.



Continue to twist and pinch ends together at end. I am using two different colors so you are able to see the contrast and it also looked very whimsical. There are many colors to choose from !


Step 2.


Take the twisted chenille and bend in half, this is the bottom torso of the horsey.


 Step 3.


Next, take two pieces of chenille and cut them in half with your millinery cutters. Do not use your good pair of scissors , they will damage the blades.




Twist the two pieces together just as you did with the longer pieces. Bend in half, theses are the horsey’s arms.


Step 4.


The next step is to make the tail. Use a small piece of chenile, the same size as the arms and bend in half then take another small piece and do the same.




Placing a small dot of hot glue in the center of the folded stem , take the second folded chenille and adhere it to the middle of the open chenille as shown. You should have a piece that looks just like a horse’s tail. Make adjustments and fluff it up if need be!


Step 5.


Place a dab of hot glue at the tip of the longer bent chenille stem and adhere the arms to the top as shown.



This is what your pieces should look like once completed.


Step 6. 


Cut the scrap and if you have a gold leaf pen, outline the edge of the horse’s head for an fine finished look. Add a feather and rhinestones for the headpiece or whatever tickles your fancy!


Step 7.


Now to make a collar.  From your crepe paper sheet cut about a 1 inch piece In width straight across and scallop the bottom or use some pinking shears for a fanciful edge.


  Step 8.


Next with your thread and needle, sew a running stitch across a 6 inch piece cut from the piece shown above. **If you make it longer it will bunch more for a more playful look!


Step 9.


Attach your collar with a smidge of glue and adhere to neck of chenille, as shown. Then attach the horsey head to the top of collar and add some seam binding and a button for a polished look!


Step 10.


The skirt is made from crepe just as the collar was made. Attach this piece to the waist area with hot glue and go around at least twice to give a full look to the skirt.



Take a piece of seam binding and wrap around top of crepe skirt  and bow tie in the back. Add some baubles for a bit of whimsy!


Step 11.


Attach the tail with a good amount of hot glue  right behind the bow you made with the seam binding.



This is what it should look like from the back!



Voila! You’re done! You now have a Dancing Anthropomorphic Horsey!








Have Fun!



Monday, April 19, 2010

I’mmm back!

Whew…feels like I’ve been gone for a long time! All sorts of goodness going on! I have a few photos to share from Art Opera. It’s takes a little time to touch up the photos…hehe, everyone deserves a little touch up! Also I have to thank all of you who have purchased my tutorials, I have a freebie for you! If you visit  the Paper Cowgirl Blog, there’s a cute little tut waiting for you! I appreciate all your business and loyalty! Enjoy…okay okay onto some photos and don’t forget the free TUT!

Just Click on the pic below and it will take you to the free Tutorial!IMG_1027

Here are some good times at Art Opera in Red Bank, NJ!


Me & Lisa!

Double Trouble!


The Texas Gurls, Rita, Me & Susan!

I had a little piece of home with me..ahhh


Grace from Pink in the City and ME!

I love Grace can I just tell you!!!


Jersey Girls!

Peggy,Ellen, Regina, Lynn


Janet , your make n’ take was fab!


Sandy displayed her Cockade Proud!


Rita, it’s divine!

I shall post more photos in the week until then go and do the free tutorial and enjoy!

xoxo, Ann-Denise