Friday, May 29, 2009

Did someone say Luau?

I have been on a secret mission and that is to decorate a gymnasium for my daughter's elementary graduation. Normally the decor is traditional, school colors, and a mascot of sorts is involved but the chairwoman wanted to get a little crazy and shake things up this year! The chair woman who shall remain nameless approached me and asked if I would do the honors and decorate this fortuitous domain of giganticness, is that a word?!haha

Please note the size of this baby! It's huge and I love a good challenge but this is going to be a whopper of a job. The biggest challenge is to be able to decorate an area of this size in two hours. Due to many restrictions and commitments with this gym, I am allotted two hours prior to the grad ceremony to decorate.. Well I'll be !

What to do? So I figured , I might as well get to planning and figure out what it is that I exactly have gotten myself into! I best assumed that if I construct props, I would be better off and rightfully so! So many ideas came to mind......

The thought of filling this entire area can be intimidating but I love a good challenge. So here we go! I first thought Totem poles! Now what's a Luau without totem poles? But how to construct these behemoth of beasts!

Ahhh, yes, of course barrels...BIG Barrels...but from where? Oh yes of course! The car wash....where else, right? When I approached the Manager, he laughed at first but then scratched his head and said he thought it was a good cause and put me to the top list.....yes, believe it or not,.... he had a waiting list for these things!

So of course the crepe paper is not an obstacle but these babies are pretty big and cost can become a factor. I decided it was in my best interest to use brown Kraft paper to cover them.

And then to the sewing...I sewed, and I sewed, I sewed more and more! I worked my crepe paper magic. It was fantastic!!!

My first totem pole was done!!!

Now how would you like for this bad boy to visit you in your dreams!!
Pretty cool, huh? Well I have been hard at work and have created a buddy for him and some other glorious Luau fanfare. I will post those before the big day which by the way is Tuesday, June 2. I will post pics of the whole event! It should be fab! Just remember all the creations are hand made and from crepe of course! I wouldn't have it any other way!
See you soon!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Salute to those who Served!

Wishing a firm salute those all those men and women who fought to keep and preserve our life of liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Amen!
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Charlotte Inspired Girlies!

Cute as a button!

Happy 4th of July or Viva La France!

Texas Blue Bonnet

Little Sweet Pea!

All these little girlies were inspired by frozen Charlotte dolls and some very fascinating techniques that one of my very dear friends, Lisa Kettell of Moon Faeries taught me! All of theses little lovelies are posted on my Etsy store, hop on over and take a peek!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I woke up this morning to my son and daughter bringing me breakfast in bed! A bowl of Wheaties, pancakes, coffee, with a side of Splenda! haha, you can never get enough fiber. All five of my children took the time to write out their feelings and their appreciation towards me. Lovely. My thoughts for the day are to cherish what I have, be humbled by my achievements and profess my undying gratitude of appreciation towards my family, friends, co-bloggers, and art& craft lovers abroad!

Happy Mother's Day!
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Convenzione 2009!

So Proud & a job well done!!!

Artist in the making, Superb!

Lisa and Tracy Bautista's book signing, Lisa taking a five minute snooze, sshhh!

Gals from Glitter and Grunge! Claire Bone. Katie Trott, Me and Lisa Kettell!

We are having a fab time!
Had a chance to meet Heidi Wallingford from Birds of a Feather, she's a Gem, she makes thee most demur and prettiest creped ruffle!

Ellen...Great Job!!!

Just love that Super Seal!! Diane and Ginger showed me some really great product that holds glitter and other mediums in place! Love it!
***Watch out, spray in well ventilated area, it can kill a horse!LOL

Super color combo...It works!! Love it!

A piece d' resistance! Magnifique!

The look upon completion of each individuals workshop was the ultimate!


Eager to begin!

Melissa making a crepe cupcake!

Sisters hard at work!

Lana loves her crepe spun star! And so do I!!!

Partners in crime!

Lisa hard at work creating magic at her workshop! Say cheese!

ZNE Convenzione 2009 Instructors !
Brandie Butcher-Isley from Iowa, Iva Wilcox from California, Gina Gabriell from California, Ruth Rae from California, Lisa Kettell from New Jersey, Ann-Denise Anderson from Texas, Anna Corba from California, Mica Garbarino From California, and Founder of ZNE Chelise Stroud, Not pictures is Ulla Milbrath from California.

Happy Students! Lovely Completed projects! Great job Carmelita and Patti!!
You Inspire me!

Ruth Rae and her Class! Julee Herman, what a peach!

Carmelita gluing away!

Pati trying to find just the right pattern!

I also want to note that I tried to take photos of all my students and finished creations , and all my new friends as well but missed a few only because I became so engrossed in conversation with you that It totally slipped my mind or I did but some of my pics came out very blurred. My sincerest apologies!
But the memories and the pleasure of meeting all of you has transcended beyond the tangible!
Again, It truly was a pleasure encountering all of you!
Thank you
and Happy Creping!