Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Holidays and Good Tidings!

Happy Holidays to all and I hope this season brings you much health, happiness, and prosperity! I am diligent with my listing on etsy, decorating, entertaining and teaching my children the fine art of Holiday Giving! Through my ventures with crepe paper and all sorts of glue, I found a tride and true adhesive product that works effectively and efficiently besides sewing. Especially when it comes to crimping crepe and wanting a fast and strong hold. It's Scotch 3M quick Drying adhesive! It's acid free and also works on wood, metal and some plastics. I like to share what works and what doesn't...and this product does! I encourage all creativity that stirs deep within each and every one of you to show it's true colors, tinsel, bows, or what ever it may be! Again, Merry Christmas, Happy Haunakka, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Holidays to family friends, patrons and those who indulge my blog site with you gracious visits!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crepe paper 101

I've had many inquiries on the where abouts does one get such "BIG" sheets of crepe paper? What is crepe paper, is it tissue paper? Also, how did you do that? So let me share some information with you all.............
Crepe Paper is tissue paper coated with sizing and then gathered to create the "crepe" look. Sizing is a adheasive material such as glue, starch, and gum which is then added to the pulp of paper. The difference between untreated tissue and crepe paper is the texture and elasiticity. Crepe paper comes in an array of colors. It is sold in rolls, sheets also called folds and streamers. Crepe is normally made to be fire resistant. As far my designs and "how" I did that......It's what goes on up there in my circus like mind. Most of my creations are a whim and totally spontaneous. They are not of a pattern and the projects themselves become their own monsters. They take on a life of their own and I just become the muse. Crepe paper can be sewn by hand, machine, and glued. It is a durable product and some crepe will or won't bleed color. Now the "BIG" question! Where to buy crepe paper, which is hard to find in local retail stores. Streamers can be found almost anywhere, from craft to grocery stores. However, I have searched high and low and the only craft store which I have found to carry folds of crepe paper is Hobby Lobby. They come in the basic colors, red. light blue, yellow, pink, fushia, orange, black, brown,green, and white. I am aware that there may not be a Hobby Lobby in your neighborhood, so I will give you a magnificent link, that has the folds at an incredible price and a buffet of colors to suit your needs. Please visit this site, they also have an array of art supplies.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Maker Faire Austin 2007

Greetings to everyone and the following are some pictures taken at the Maker Faire Austin Texas 2007. Weather was great and the staff at Maker Faire was incredible! My hats off to them for making us feel all so welcome and their helpfulness was temendous. I learned a couple of things at the exhibit. My work was very and I mean very environmentally sensitive but as I have stated many times before Crepe Paper is very durable and held up quite well! I was up against the wind....Dust...high humidity...and the moisture that crept into my costumes slowly dried by high noon and they still stood strong and showed very well! Thank you to all who came out and I encourage all interested to go out and get a copy of Make or Craft Magazine, There are some very brilliant and truly creative people published in these publications. Hopefully they will inspire you to make and craft as well! Maker Faire Austin 2007 was awesome, I hope to see more Texans at the Maker Faire next year!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Welcome to Whim & Fancy Designs Blog Spot! I hope you will find inspiration, ideas and an imaginative getaway from everyday life. All my art is created out of pure whim and a need to fulfill that inner child in me! I believe we all need to create outside of the box and use all sorts of mediums to accomplish that. This is the beginning of a beautiful journey and I invite all who would like to walk with me!