Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Something Old, Something New................

Recently Sadie Lou of and, created a terrific plan to generate funds for advertisement in major magazines for the The Cottage Street Team. Brilliant! So...........Sadie Lou asked me if I would like to contribute to this master plan! And what better market than weddings and brides! The idea is to create a bridal gift basket and fill it with all sorts of bridal goodies! Then ten baskets will be featured on Etsy, June 1st, 2008! I decided to go with the old adage, something old something new......theme, kind of vintage cottage style. I know theses baskets will be represented by the most gifted and fanciful artist on the team which will only make the baskets more of a coveted bridal trove for the bride to be! I thought one of my holiday gift paddles (instructions as seen in Somerset Studios Holiday Issue 2007 Vol. 1) transformed into a Bridal Fan Hand Paddle would be a vintage style addition to the trove and as for the bride to be banner is for the outside of the basket, as the final touch!
An added tip....A wonderful way to create the vintage look on the ends of your crepe paper is to tea stain them BUT.....prior to unraveling the roll! That is the secret!....Take one side of the entire white crepe paper roll (streamer) and dip it into tea, longer the deeper the tint and then carefully let excess liquid drip off the roll and do the same to other side. I let the roll dry out for approx. 24 hours. Tah Dah, now you have vintage looking crepe paper and it works great with other colored dyes! The possibilities are endless!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Introducing My New Party Line~ "Papier Patisserie"© Whim and Fancy Designs

I am launching a new party place setting line labeled "Papier Patisserie".......Paper Bakery! All contributed content © Whim and Fancy Designs. It will be a whimsical take on you ordinary paper plates and Styrofoam cups with a custom touch! I am currently presenting this portfolio to a fundraising benefit happening this weekend in San Diego, CA . All monies raised will be given to the Gary B. Dejong Fund for a cornea transplant. A fireman who was brutally beaten and had his sight in one of his eyes and lively hood taken from him. Whim & Fancy Designs is donating a setting of eight along with other Whimsical and Fanciful products!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ladies & Gentelmen & Children of all ages, I am a Featured Artist!

Does that sound familiar? Maybe the great big red and white circus tent, bright yellow flag waving in the air...........clowns, trapeze artist, high wire acts, lions, elephants, and ooh yeah don't forget the smell of yummy buttered popcorn! Well these were the thoughts that ran through my head as I created some art work for a talented artist/author and serendipitous friend Lisa Kettel of book, "Art Circus", published by Quarry Books, due out Feb 2009 (see cover above). ISBN number 1592534872 and ISBN-13 978-1592534876 and can be found on Amazon books. What is more exciting for me is that I am a guest artist in the book and will have my creations published in Art Circus as well! I am truly excited to see the layout of the book but like everyone else I too will have to wait Early 2009 to see my published works of art! I hope you all will go out and purchase the book, it will have plentiful amount of eye candy and techniques for all to schmooze over! And like they say under the big top....Welcome to the greatest show on earth!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Featured on ZNEDOLLZ Blog

I was pleasantly surprised to learn I am a featured artist on ZNE Art Dollz Blog! The crepe dolls shown here were featured in the article and were made especially for my nine year old daughter's birthday who said and I quote "Mommy I will save these for the rest of my life!" And that's why I love her so!~ Take a look at the article, it's was very well written and done so by Gina Smith of Lillys of Londonish. Thanks Gina!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Marie Antoinette Book Collaborative

I have been invited by Lisa Kettell, participate in a Marie Antoinette Collaborative book submission with six other spectacular artists for a book project being done by published artist L.K. Ludwig. I had a ball doing these two pages and from the get go! I over-indulged, of course, I wouldn't have it any other way and neither would of Marie Antoinette! I hope our group submission will be chosen for this book, wish us luck!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Swashbuckler's Soiree 2008

Welcome to The 2008 Swashbuckler's Soiree

Hosted by Donna O'Brien Creator of The Ribbon Crowned, the first On-line Party I have been invited to and I hope there's more in the future!

All my designs are my very own and were conjured up late in the evenings.....My inspirations came from my tea stained crepe and it all flowed from there...Literally! The crepe dress and the tea stained petticoat are gathered together and beautifully wrapped with a crossed stitch corset and naval buttons and tied with a gold satin ribbon. The Sword is covered with fine German Glass glitter and then naval buttons embellish the handle. Glittered Glass Ships! Her gallant dress is then beautifully protected with a giant shell bustier and generously covered with hand creped flowers, dusted shells,jewels, and tea stained ruffle. Her hat is ever so poised with feathers, chandelier crystals and such! The scepter speaks for itself. And Booty....She 's got booty, a whole lot of it!

I hope you all enjoy my crepe creations and feel free to leave me a comment or two, I love reading how my work transcends into other's lives and stirs their emotions.

Thank you For stopping by and enjoy the rest of your evening at the Swashbuckler's Soiree! To view other artist's work this evening please navigate to

Thank You and have a Safe Journey!

Famous Woman Pirates

Anne Bonny (1719-1720) Female Pirate of the Caribbean
Mary Read - Famous English Female Pirate of the Caribbean
Lady Killigrew (1530-1570)
Grace O’Malley - Famous Irish woman pirate who commanded three galleys and 200 men
Mrs. Peter Lambert of Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Jacquotte Delahaye - Female Pirate of the Caribbean
Anne Dieu-le-veut - Female Pirate of the Caribbean
Charlotte de Berry - Woman pirate
Mrs Ching - Chinese wife of a pirate who turned to Piracy after his death
Mary Crickett (or Crichett) was a female pirate who was hung

I Set Sail Tomarrow's Eve!

"Skull and Crossbones RAH RAH RAH"
"Faithful Unto Death"
Saturday, May 3, 2008 The Crowned Ribbon, Hosts her first Online Party, The Swashbuckler's Soiree! All Sorts of Damsels in distress, Lasses' & Pirates shall be in attendance. It is an event I have prepared for all week long! I have created one of my most yummiest Crepe Creations Yet! I will be posting early tomorrow, for I have another maiden voyage early Saturday Morn to visit a faraway Piratress! Please come by and view my vision of the Swashbuckler's Soiree, it'll be a treat for your eyes! I promise!