Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Horsey up...It's a Paper Cow Girl Giveaway!

In honor of our Paper Cowgirl Retreat all the instructors are having a Paper Cowgirl giveaway! So it is only appropriate that I give this Altered Crepe Horsey Ribbon away! Please leave a comment on this post and continue on the trail ride below, all the instructors and their giveaways are listed so giddy up girlies!!
Have fun and good luck!
This giveaway ends April 10 and a lucky gal's name will be drawn and notified!
By the way there is only one seat left for my Crepe Spun Hearts class so if you want it go straight to Paper Cowgirls and grab it!
Yee Haw!!
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Monday, March 30, 2009

I've been Smittened!

This past weekend my husband and I took a little excursion to a quaint little suburb of Dallas named McKinney. Well let me tell you.....! I've been Smittened, Literally! Not only by one of the most aesthetically pleasing shops but the most innovative and lovely place to frequent for all you home and altered art needs! There motto is "Reuse~ Repurpose~ Refresh". While paroozing all of the goodies I was having a conversation with my McSweetles husband about Stampingtons', "Marie Antoinette Magazine" and A woman happen to overhear and we began to talk....coincidentally she and group of others who were present are currently registered to take My Crepe Paper Spun Heart class this summer at Paper CowGirl! The Fab Four were Cheryl Bass of Bassic Living , Alisa of Life Is A Beautiful Place To Be, Nina Little of Little Moment Of Peace, and Donna Garcia! These four women made me feel so special that day and I just wanted to say,Thank you from the bottom of my crepe spun heart!
Owner Karen Dawkins was the most gracious and very accommodating after all the hullabaloo we caused! When you some time, take a stroll over to her shop Located in Mckinney ,Texas 118 E. Louisiana Street and don't forget you checkbook!

These little ledger books were a must have and the mini vintage music sheet book had to come home with me as well!

I ended up with vintage die cuts, paper poesies, seam binding, German crushed glass~the yummiest colors, vintage old book pages and yes that is correct what you see in the background!Bed springs~Shh, it's a secret what I am going to do with those babies!

It all looks so yummy!!!

Have a creative and productive day!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's time for An Easter Bonnet Parade!

Now this looks like fun! Please come and join a very talented group of women who have created some lovely Easter Bonnets for this Easter season! While you're there vote for your Favorite bonnet at Easter Parade Blogspot!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I searched and this is what I found......

I was walking one sunny day through bloglandia and I stumbled across an E-zine that I had lingered by before and I decide to indulge and check it out! Well to my surprise the Silver Bella herself, Teresa McFayden was hosting a Guest Designer Contest on her latest E-Zine Cottage Bella. EEwww!!! I had to investigate!
The gig was to submit a cottage ,shabby style mixed media project. So I reached deep down into my magic crepe paper bag and tah dah.....I came out with one of my Whim & Fancy Vintage Tinsel Style Tiaras! Perfect I thought.......and you'll never guess?!
I was selected be the guest designer featured on
Cottage Bella E~Zine!
Featuring an exclusive tutorial on my latest creations, the
Vintage Tinsel Style Tiaras!
It goes live March 27, Friday Morning at 8:30 am Central Time
So please take a stroll over to Paper Bella Studio and purchase the E~Zine, it's filled with all sort of goodies and you will only be able to find my tutorial there!
Happy Spring!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Remember When...?

Remember when driving the highway on Route 66 and seeing this sign? It was usually for Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus along with rides and the whole works!
And just like the sign said it was for all ages.......

Standing in the long lines just hoping to get a glimpse of all the scary animals and hoping to ride the tilt-A-whirl after the main event.

I remember riding these huge monstrous beasts and loving every minute of it....nowadays that is wishful thinking......hehe

Carnival or circus, there was always a ringmaster to start the extravaganza. I loved his ruby red jacket and tall standing black top hat. Don't forget the mustache that you could hang your tea cup off of!

The tents were always so elusive and I would just burst at the seems to know what was inside of them.......maybe lions, tigers and bears.....maybe a petting zoo of all sorts of exotic and wild farm animals....or best yet, the three legged man or the hairy woman who could lift 500 lbs from a far away place!

Now I know everyone has this thing for clowns but they really aren't the spooky beings that we all portray them to be........They were the epitome of the circus and carnival scene, they just happen to get a bad rap because of those B movies made in the late 70's!

NOW I don't know about you but the funnel cakes, piggly wiggly fries and pink cotton candy flowing like champagne was to die for. It made no difference if we had eaten dinner or not, we were eating the most greasiest, sweetest, and the highest caloric garbage we could get our hands on and loved every minute it!

There was always one item I had to have before leaving the grounds, it was a Carmel apple with nuts.......I still remember the smell of it and how it glistened underneath the fairground lights. That first bite was heaven and when it was all said and done I knew my night would be complete!

What was the one thing that no matter where you were or what you were doing brought back all the wonderful adolescent memories of the zipper, go carts, and the carnival glass penny toss? Popcorn! Till this very day when I smell popcorn my first thought is........aahhh, the carnival or circus is coming to town! Even if I am standing in my own kitchen....haha!

I can still envision all the beautiful women in costume, I secretly wanted to be just like them. Till I grew up and found out they were like the nomads and lived in tents.....I quickly changed my tune! But still they were so glamorous!

Five bucks for a fortune teller......huh? Well if Five bucks got you a million dollars and a home in the Poconos it was well worth it! You just couldn't leave the circus without having your fortune read, it just wouldn't be right, I think it goes against the cardinal rules of the circus or something!

I bet you are wondering....where did she get this set up or better yet why does she have this set up? Well for a very good reason and I have all of my five children to vouch........This elaborate set-up has taken me some time to collect and I bring it out five times a year for each one of my children's birthdays! Unfortunately we live in a day and age that the carnivals and circus are disappearing and since I cannot always take my children to the extravaganzas on their birthdays , I bring it to them!

Thank you for taking the time to read through my recollections and silly anecdotes but most of all thank you taking part in Lisa Kettell of Faerie Enchantment, Carnival Soiree!
Also I would like to wish my daughter Kendall , who is turning the illustrious age of 10, a very happy birthday and many more to grow on!
I love you Kendall!
And as a special treat , I will be doing a Giveaway for a wonderful Vintage Style Tinsel Tiara. It will be totally done up carnival style and will be the embodiment of this auspicious occasion, The Carnival Soiree and my daughter's birthday! Please be sure to leave a comment and If Kendall draws your name, I will contact you on where to send it! We will draw a name this Sunday at noon.
Good Luck!
Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the rest of the Carnival Soiree!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's time to party!!!!!

There is lot's of great stuff happening this month! So let's begin with banner above......"Celebrate With Us!" This is just one of the many featured categories that will be featured on Glitter & Grunge Blog. I will be the correspondent for this celebratory category and will feature artists and all their celebration creations and inspirations every Wednesday afternoon! It will be exciting and definitely an inspirational venue for all who are looking to add something new to their everyday celebrations!
Don't forget this Saturday is Lisa Kettell of Faerie Enchantment, Carnival Soiree! It should be a fun filled grand gathering! So be sure to wear your sequined trapeze outfit and dust off that old velvet black top hat and jump into Lisa's three ring circus!
See you Saturday!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Newest....Vintage Tinsel Style Cowns

These are my newest creations and all hand formed and creped. These consist of german die cuts, vinatge music sheets, german crushed glass, bubble glass magic and of course Crepe Paper. If crepe isn't utilized in some form or fashion then it isn't Whim & Fancy! If you're wondering what the inspiration is....Pipe Cleaners! I will be offering a class on these in the near future! For now they are availible on my etsy site !
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fleur A' Papier


"Will you go to war just for a scrap of paper?"--_Question of the
German Chancellor to the British Ambassador, August 3, 1914._

A mocking question! Britain's answer came
Swift as the light and searching as the flame.
"Yes, for a scrap of paper we will fight
Till our last breath, and God defend the right!
"A scrap of paper where a name is set
Is strong as duty's pledge and honor's debt.
"A scrap of paper holds for man and wife
The sacrament of love, the bound of life.
"A scrap of paper may be Holy Writ
With God's eternal word to hallow it.
"A scrap of paper binds us both to stand
Defenders of a neutral neighbor land.
"By God, by faith, by honor, yes! We fight
To keep our name upon that paper white."
September, 1914
The Red Flower Poems Written in War Time By Henry Van Dyke
Isn't it the truth!
These vintage style cones can be found on my etsy shop!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Come one come all to the Carnival Soiree!

Everyone loves a carnival and who wouldn't want to attend Lisa Kettell's Carnival Soiree! It's Saturday, March 14, 2009! So dig deep into your imagination, create something magical and come sign up for The Carnival Soiree!
See you all there!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paper Cowgirl Retreat Registration Begins!!

Yeah!! Paper Cowgirl Retreat registration begins today! So make sure Y'all go over to Paper Cowgirl and sign up. I only have 20 spots available for my class, so first come first serve. I hate for you to miss out on the Crepe Spun Heart Class! The entire retreat is filled with the most talented artists and have so much to offer in the venue of altered arts! So if you know that you are going to be in the vicinity of Waxahachie, Texas June 26-27, sign up for a class or stop on by for vendor night and check out all the artists and some fabulous altered art! You can get all the details for this Retreat and more at Paper Cowgirl!