Thursday, January 10, 2008

Published in the Zine Vol.3

The Zine is out and availiable! I am published in the Zine Volume 3. The Fairie Zine is published, created and designed all by Lisa Kettel who is an excellent graphic artist and I encourage all to order this magazine through moomfairesworld.blogspot. It is filled with all sorts of goodies pertaining to the fairy world. Just the pictures alone are worth every penny!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Best Wishes For The New Year!

My warmest wishes of a bright and happy new year to everyone! I believe this is a year of dreams becoming reality and wishes comimg true. I have started this year off completeing a book project that I was invited to participate in by Lisa Kettell with Fairie Enchantment. It was a true blessing and pure delight to have created spectacular hats for her book! The book should be due out mid-year and when I have more info I will post it for you! I am excited for 2008 and it's a year of good things to come!