Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Save The Date for 31 Wishes

Once upon a time........

There was this girl who dreamed the most outlandish things.
Parties with big bright topiaries made of candy from yesteryear.
Black and orange garland hung from the roof rafters above. She
wished for a gala, an artful gala filled with friends, fun and
 a moment in time when all their artful wishes
would come true!

So mark your calenders ladies!!!
I have begun the magical composition of a most
Nostalgic and Festive Halloween Event!

"31 Wishes"
October 20th, 2012
Ft. Worth, Texas

A day and evening of pure artful confections and
a cotillion of wishes that will satisfy any
party goer's dreams!

Stay tuned for more Information & Registration!


Erica said...

What's the date? I don't see it in your post.

Lisa said...

Can't even wait!!!