Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's Time To Party!!!

Another little secret I have....I love my scrap booking products , 
especially my Cricut!  
Yes..... I am a super versatile artist, crafter, and hostest with the mostest!
I found that if you limit yourself in products and tools, 
one can never ultimately find creative euphoria!

With that little tid bit.....
I am so honored to be published in the current edition of  Cricut's Birthday Magazine 2012!
I'll call it an early birthday gift to myself!

 I hope you go out and buy a copy for yourself or someone who
loves to make birthday favors using their Cricut Machine on the fly! 
There is so much offered in this edition and I
know you will love it!!

Also, I must apologize for my long absence, I have taken on the a 
great feat, Homeschooling, but we have come to an official summer break and I must
commence my creative endeavors and blog like a mad woman!!!

Blog on my friends....Blog on!!!!

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