Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pretty In Pink Take 3

Last set of pics….There were many more but let’s just say they were more blurry  and distorted than anything else! Time for a new camera or a photography class!LOL

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the great art that was made and all the smiling faces with their happy hearts filled with so much Pink love! The event was kept small and intimate in hopes of building better friendships with old and new. I think my goal was met!

I enjoyed throwing this Pink Bash and I hope to do it again next year, so for those of you that didn’t have an opportunity to make it don’t forget the Saturday before Valentine’s Day…..Get your Pink on!

Here we go…… Last batch!


Jana won the bottle of Red……and don’t forget that serger…came in quite handy!!


Phyllis & Kathy traveled from afar just to get their pink on!!


The two cuties…I love that jacket Tammy!!! Nicki and Kendall are the only ones I know who can sport a headpiece like that!


It took me about eight hours to canopy the entire ceiling  with Crepe streamer and all but five minutes to tear it down……Sad smile


My tribute to Saint Valentines


The Love Tree


The love nest aka The Chandelier


Me and Sandra….sshhhh our hair was much prettier when we started that day…we worked hardSmile


Cupid a la dress form


These were the party favors given to each person, a valentine party ball, a mini suitcase with pink wafers inside, lock & key hearts, and a beautiful wooden box with sundries inside and a painted rose by Sandra Feazel


All the valentines  made by all the guest for one another….they were just too beautiful for words to express….I was deeply touched by their beauty and all the time and effort that went into each one of them…


I love this Valentine…But I don't know who it is from?

Someone special I’m sure….


A cute Valentine made by Jen Barnes and the bag was from Kendall

my lovely daughter.


Aren’t they just precious!


SmileFrom Linda Hahn….candy inside..mmmm


G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S…who made this!


Techniques shine through!


A Valentine Cracker….eeewww, I love it!!!!!


The name tags……


Just another view ….I love decorating my chandeliers..


love, love love…..


Once again, I was humbled by all the talent that surrounded me and I enjoyed cooking for everyone, the menu by the way was, Chicken Masala, Garlic  Mashed Potatoes, Mixed greens with bacon, candied almonds and a  “Special Pink Dressing”  with Onion rolls. They finished it off with red velvet cake, Tiramisu, Italian chocolate cake and  a sweet candy bar! Italian sodas flowed…literally ask Jen and Lisa about that!

Thank you to all those that attended and  A special Thank you goes out to Betti Zucker for sending Special valentines to all the girlies…Muah! Also to my wonderful daughter Kendall who stayed up endless hours with me and crafted her little heart away and made sure that we were on task and finishing every detail!! I love you gurl, you’re a chip off the old block! And last but not least A”Special Thank you” to Sandra Feazel who is an absolute pleasure to work with and not to mention a very talented artist!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hope to see you at the High Tea

April 21…stay tuned for details!!!



Grace said...

aww it was so sad to read The End! lol What a wonderful day with wonderful you and Sandra Kenny and all the cutesy women!! Fun post Grace xoox

La Llorona Studio said...

Wow! You out did yourself, Denise! Your house was so beautifully decorated! I can tell by all the smiles everyone had a Wonderful time.
Love the pictures. Looking forward to the High Tea.

Lisa said...

Oh Ann-Denise, you created the most amazing event. All the beautiful decorations, the sweet treats, the fun atmosphere....I felt like a little kid again with the amazing Valentine boxes you made for us. How exciting it was to see them being filled with handmade Valentines and then to get home and take out each one and just be astounded by all the creativity. Thank you for all the hard work you and Sandra did to make it such a wonderful event for all of us!