Friday, July 18, 2008

**~PaRty PeTticOaTS~**

Ohhh....These are divine, I must tell you! I had this epiphany in regards to the quintessential tutu and how a girlie should wear them. I began thinking about tea parties and birthday celebrations and it came to mind that when one sits down for cake time, what normally occurs? Mom comes out with this huge cotton napkin to lay upon our laps so that we don't get a mussed up. I've attended parties, where girlie's are running around with a apron, a cute apron nonetheless, but it still was an apron and I asked mom "what's up with the apron?" the response with a slightly tilted downward frown was "so that she won't get dirty", well that's no fun........... So that lead me to thinking and I envisioned a room full of these!

A Party Petticoat , I know every mommy and daddy loves their pretty girlie's and big girlie's too, to be sporting their best birthday gear but what would be better than to wear a pretty party petticoat over it! If you need to wear a cover-up why not wear it pretty! And so what if you get cake on these, that's the charm of it and part of the memory it will recall! Imagine, once you done with it, tuck it away into the hope chest and what fond memories this brings back and better yet, wear it through-out the year for all the family celebrations. The beauty of this party petticoat is the art involved in the creation of it. All of the different types of crepe ruffles I have sewn into the tulle and all the crepe flowers made by hand and either covered with Blumchen icy flake diamond dust or German glass glitter. The handmade satin bow ties in the back and the back has an opening just as an apron so that none of the crepe work wrinkles or flattens.
I strive to create different and elaborate work and I hope these petticoats have done me justice!
I enjoy the comments so please let me know what you think of my new creations and they are also available on my Etsy site! for purchase and custom orders!


Enchantments and Giggles said...

The petticoats are divine! So feminine and fun! And, welcome back! I check you blog every day and I have missed you! I see petticoats in my future - or maybe for my nieces would be more appropriate!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

While you have been creating these luscious petticoats I am making purple glittered witches hats. Something is not right with that scenario. LOL....Golly Ann-Denise those are beautiful. When are they going in the Etsy shop? I checked and didn't see them. :) Lynn

twinkleshabbystar said...

Oooh FUN!!! Love the super girlie and whimsy petticoats! Your shop is full of yummy goodies! FAB!!! Smiles! Jenn

Anonymous said...

Hi I am so honored your stopped by my blog...I love your pretties!

Paper Cat Designs said...

(((((GASP))))) My goodness! This is an absolutely charming idea! The petticoats are beautiful, functional and creative. You have outdone yourself on this one!

Have a beautiful and magical day.

Cheers! =D

Marie Antionette said...

I'm ready to Part-T,Lets put one of these beauties on,and go...LOL..Truly they are just the sweetest ,Any girl would love to have one. Marie Antionette

cuteartworld said...

So cute! Love your new creations. So magical!

tammy smith said...

hi ann-denise-
thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your very kind comments!
I love your awesome and wonderful work also!!
Beautiful and dreamlike....every girl's fantasy for a petticoat.
I also really admire the way you have your blog laid out-very cool!