Monday, July 21, 2008

It's here........Piddlestix's!

I currently have some art published in the premier edition of Lisa Kettell's newest zine "Piddlestix's-Teatime,Tiaras,& Vintage Whimsey's" and can be purchased through her ebay shop Queen Lisa's Art World! I included A little preview for you to see. My pieces revolve around Marie Antoinette and her whimsey's.
The zine is also filled with a variety of vintage, tinsel, tiaras, jewelry-fit for a queen, tea, teatime, parties, dolls, and more dolls, techniques/projects, lots of Marie Antoinette and amazing altered artists and their submissions, plus much more.
This zine is now available in full color format 42 pages, soft book cover, thick pages, looks like you are reading a soft cover book instead of a magazine.
8.5 inch x 11 inch perfect binding, interior paper (80# weight), full-color interior ink, exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink. This is definitely a treat fr the eyes, I encourage you to purchase the zine, it's very inspiring and so yummy to look at!


Donna O'Brien said...

Crepe paper? Tinsel? Tiaras? Nah, not interested.
(LOL)-just the one photo looks great!!!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I love that name....Piddlestixs. :) said...

OH HOW fantastic!!!!! It is just totally mezmerizing! COngrats! ;) It looks like sooo much wonderfulnesssss!!

cuteartworld said...

That is terrific! Happy publishing to you and wishes for many more! It is very beautiful!

Rubina said...

Lovely crafts . You have nice & neat hands

Paper Cat Designs said...

Nicely done on being published in Lisa's Fairy Zine! I've got to check it out now as I may be published in her next one!

Cheers! =D