I am back in full force.....Welcome Fall!!

This is a very fitting post...One year ago today was the last time I blogged. I left not really knowing why, I just did.  Maybe because of Facebook...That venue can make you pretty lazy and not give as much thought to your posts as you do in blogging. 
So there,  I laid it in FB's lap...LOL!!!
More blog less facebook!
I went to bed last night thinking how much I missed blogging and the blogging community and all the wonderfulness of it! So I shall begin this post with
 a Welcome to Fall and to new paths and inspirations!

So on with the show........

I am working on a multi-mixed media doll.......She is going to be delicious when I am done with her! I will take pics along the way just so you can see her progress! She will be a raffle gift for a stupendous event that I am putting on at the end of October!!
 I will try to keep my posts short and sweet, time is always of the essence!

Thank you , if you have been stopping by and checking in and if you are new to my blog 
WELCOME...I look forward to inspiring you!
Much Muchness, Ann-Denise


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