Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tea For Two

I’m looking my dolly, have you seen her?
You see, we are on our way to Miss V’s Mad Tea Party…
There she is………………
Well I guess there’s only one way to get there….
There’s no place like home………….
I don’t see anyone else…..maybe we are the first ones here….
Looks like it’s just me and my dollie…………..
I wonder where everyone’s at????
I’m getting a little hungry and a good cup of Tea would be yummy right now……
Maybe , I’ll sit a spell, I don’t think anyone is using this cup…..tee hee
I hope someone comes by soon…
I’m sooo sooo lonely….do you think someone will want to take me and my dollie home and keep us company forever and ever?
Maybe even share a cupcake or a donut or two or three…squeee!!!
Well I have had a lovely time with my dollie and Thanks you to our Hostess Miss V…She is the bestest in the whole wide world.  I feel a wee bit tired and I think I want to go home now…….wherever that may be…..With you possibly!
Too WIN This Girlie
Just leave a sweet comment and  on July 1st she will have a new home to go too, maybe yours!!
Mad Tea Gurlie and her dollie were all hand sculpted. They are fully jointed and my original creations.
Thank you again to Vanessa Valencia of
 A Fanciful Twist for hosting such a
wonderful Mad Tea event…Always it was
divine and please join in on the Raffle…
I always love a good giveaway!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4th of July Paper Medallion Tutorial is Ready!!

Whim & Fancy Designs™
4 th Of July
Paper Star Medallion©2011
A 30 page step by step tutorial on how to
create a Paper Star Medallion

Add to Cart

E-junkie will send you a link and it is an immediate download!
Quick & Easy!
This tutorial is F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S!!!
Imagine all the possibilities and you still have plenty of time to make these beauties for 4th of July!!
Designed and Created by Ann-Denise Anderson
Happy 4th of July Everyone and enjoy
making these Paper Star Medallions in
the comfort of your own home and at your

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paper Cowgirl Part 3

Well ladies this is it..the last of the pics…

I hope Y’all enjoyed  them

and hopefully this will have prompted you

to want to come to

Paper Cowgirl 2012!

Thanks again to all the instructors and students because without you none of this would ever be possible!!

Paper Cowgirl Part 3

 Also The winner Of the Paper Dress raffle was

Jean Callah!!!

She actually met Karla Nathan and Beth Leintz  at Smitten in McKinney, Texas and because of them she decide to take a stroll over to our neck of the woods and come to our vendor fair! So the rest is history!!

Congratulations Jean!!


This dress took me three days to construct. It has over three – four hundred coffee filters ( I lost track), some recycled, tea  and coffee stained, paper tissue, butcher paper, crepe paper all sewn and some pieces glued. The neck work is of paper clay, hand molded and antiqued. there was no pattern for this dress… just came straight from my own crazy mind!







Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paper Cowgirl 2011 Part 2

Okay Y’all so I had more

pictures than I originally

thought so……

Yes there will be a part Three!!

Yee haw!!!

Enjoy y’all!!



All Caged Up


Paper Cowgirl 2011

left to right: Sherryl Hofener, Melissa Hines, Jana Martin, Cathi Bruhn, Dina Kellogg, Betti Zucker, Marie Jenkins, Instructor-Ann-Denise Anderson, Laura Crudup, & Susan Jose

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paper Cowgirl 2011 part 1

Here’s a quick little somethin’somethin’ for all to view….I took lots of pictures so I had to do a part 1 and part 2 will come tomorrow…Paper Cowgirl was a blast this year…I was so happy to see all of my old friends and to make new ones! My students were awesome…you will be able to see their projects tomorrow and the instructors were fabulous….Can’t wait for next year…you will be falling out of your seats when you find out what we have planned!!! Yee Haw!!!
Happy Trails to you!!
Paper Cowgirl 2011 Part 1

Monday, June 6, 2011

We’re a coming….

It’s almost time for Paper Cowgirl 2011!

Ohhh and I can’t wait for all the hoop la to begin….All the gurls are gearing up for a fun filled three days of   friends, art projects, spectacular instructors,  bling, glitter, & terrific food! I love being a part of Paper Cowgirl…It truly is a part of me!

I have been working  diligently on a project for all my PC gurlies and I can’t reveal the piece but I will show you a few pics to wet your whistles ….you’ll have to imagine what the entire piece looks like!!

I will take pics at the event and of courses post them for you!

For all those that will be attending can’t wait to see you and for those that can’t or haven’t just had a chance …Hope to see you at this year’s Wicked Tea in October…Details to follow on that one later!!!