Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tea For Two

I’m looking my dolly, have you seen her?
You see, we are on our way to Miss V’s Mad Tea Party…
There she is………………
Well I guess there’s only one way to get there….
There’s no place like home………….
I don’t see anyone else…..maybe we are the first ones here….
Looks like it’s just me and my dollie…………..
I wonder where everyone’s at????
I’m getting a little hungry and a good cup of Tea would be yummy right now……
Maybe , I’ll sit a spell, I don’t think anyone is using this cup…..tee hee
I hope someone comes by soon…
I’m sooo sooo lonely….do you think someone will want to take me and my dollie home and keep us company forever and ever?
Maybe even share a cupcake or a donut or two or three…squeee!!!
Well I have had a lovely time with my dollie and Thanks you to our Hostess Miss V…She is the bestest in the whole wide world.  I feel a wee bit tired and I think I want to go home now…….wherever that may be…..With you possibly!
Too WIN This Girlie
Just leave a sweet comment and  on July 1st she will have a new home to go too, maybe yours!!
Mad Tea Gurlie and her dollie were all hand sculpted. They are fully jointed and my original creations.
Thank you again to Vanessa Valencia of
 A Fanciful Twist for hosting such a
wonderful Mad Tea event…Always it was
divine and please join in on the Raffle…
I always love a good giveaway!!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Ann Denise...I LOVE your Dolly! She's so colorful and whimsical!

Thank you ever so much for having me to your tea party! *shoving sweets in my pocket*


Ann - making fun family memories with childrens tea sets said...

What a cute dolly for this Mad Tea Party full of tea sets with unique teapots and cuts. I loved her cute little feet. Truly a fun Mad Tea Party. Thank you!

BLISS angels said...

Stunning tea party
... with Dolly and her dolly .. magcial
now pop over I'm wait you see .. with good treats and teacups ..Hugs wendy at

The Weekend Artist said...

Lovely dolls you've made! Hop on over as well for some tea=)!


rachelsmith133 said...

What a lovely tea party with your dolly. She is a cute little thing.

If you get chance please come to my tea party also

Only Cute Things said...

What a cute dolly for this Mad Tea Party,
I have enjoyed your party POST very much!

from so far away

Visit me anytime...


Tammy said...

So cute. She needs to come visit me and have some tea and enjoy a doughnut or two. It's been so hot here that we can sit in the air conditioning and enjoy each other!

Pabkins said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog through today's tea party! I will definitely be following!

They are an adorable couple and hope i get to add them to my doll collection!

Stop by and have some tea with me also for a chance to win my fungal surprise!
Tabitha of

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

What fun just the two of you can have. Who needs company when there is tea and cake?

Teresa said...

Love the tea party. Your Girls are very sweet

Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a cute Mad Tea Gurlie!

Happy Mad Tea Party!


Terri said...

Oh my! Dolly is so cute! Your post so fanciful and fun! Thank you so much for the invite!

Aurelia said...

I'm with you on the doughnut...or three hehehe :)

I'm also taking part in the Mad Tea Party blog hop and hope that you'll visit my party to have some fun there too :)

Cruz's Chronicles said...

I love tes and I love your little gurlies even more!!!! Thanks for inviting me to the party.

Cruz's Chronicles said...

I love tea and I love your little gurlies even more. Thanks for inviting me to the tea party.

- Cruz's Garden

Grace said...

What a fabu tea party!! Dollie rocked it. Can't wait to see you Friday!! Miss u lots Grace xoox

Suzie Button said...

How cute, Ann Denise! I have to put my name in the hat as I know how great all your goodies are! I'm definitely going to blog hop to see all the Mad tea party goers. I'm not one of them, but it'll be fun to see! Susan

Lisa said...

Oh Ann Denise! I would love to take home those sweet dollies ~ I would take such good care of them. There are always lots of tea and candies, cakes, cookies, pies and other sweets around here. :)

apinkdreamer said...

wonderful party! thanks so much for sharing!!!

Nicole Lindsey said...

What an adorable little doll. She is so colorful and whimsy looking.

Lisa said...

thank you for a fun time!! very sweet dolls!

fairiemoon said...

What sweet dolls! So very cute with their heart mouths! I hope they find homes soon! I have hand-made dolls on my blog as well.

Have a mad party!
Erin :)

Fair Rosamund said...

What an adorable doll, she was such a fabulous host! Thank you so much for inviting me to your lovely tea party :) ~Lauren said...

OH!! What cuties!! Your blog is a magcial spot in Wonderland for certain!!! I love it!!

Love, A Fanciful Twist said...

OH!! What cuties!! Your blog is a magcial spot in Wonderland for certain!!! I love it!!

Love, A Fanciful Twist

Jennie said...

AD - she's is soo cute. I think she needs to come to a home full of Pekingese. She can keep an eye on them when I'm away at work to make sure they don't get into my craft supplies.

(Just found chewed up paper doilies in my bedroom...wonder which one did that?)


Karla of Dreamaginarius said...

Mad Tea Gurlie is the cutest! Thank you for inviting me to your lovely tea party! I would love to be part of the giveaway!

Carousel Dreams said...

What a sweet little tea party! Love your dolly's stripey tights! Fun, fun, fun...thankyou for the visit.

Linda said...

Oh what an original thing to do. I had so much fun. Everything was so colorful and bright. Thank you for sharing and inviting me. Please visit me at:

Danni said...

Such a wonderful and magical to-do, thank you for inviting me over to share your tea and enchantment! I love your dolly and would happily give her a magical home, should my name, from the hat, be picked!

Though I’m running tardy, I hope you’ll come visit my party!