Friday, December 17, 2010

On the Fifth Day Of Christmas….

On the Fifth Day

Of Christmas My

True Love Gave to


A Magical Top Hat


This Post I was saving for something special and this is it……

This Year I sent to Silver Bella

A Magical Top Hat with  A Pair Of magical Scissors!

Now the recipient of this Hat and Scissors would  take on a magical abilities to be able to create whatever their heart desired.

This hat was created from scratch from a free hand pattern and chipboard.

Yes the entire Hat is constructed of chipboard and glittered to perfection.  I sewed a Sash, aged it and then covered it with beautiful vintage found items and tucked away so carefully,  a pair of white gold glittered vintage scissors!


Now I know some of you are wondering, what does this have to do with Christmas?  Well I’m getting to that part…..

And the recipient of  this year’s Silver Bella Raffle was…


Jill Grass Of Petit



And this is what she has done with it!

top hat and tree


Please visit Jill’s Blog

Petit Retreat and oggle

over how fabulous her tree

looks and Thanks so much

Jill for including my

creation in your home

this holiday season.

I am so glad you

displayed it the way you


It looks Fabulous!!!

Jill may you and yours

have a very Merry




pamelahuntington said...

Ann Denise... the top hat is gorgeous!

pamelahuntington said...

Ann Denise.. this top hat is gorgeous!!

Robin Thomas said...

I saw the top hat and it waspast fabulous. How perfect for it to become a tree TOPPER!!

Grace said...

Jill displayed the beautiful top hat I wanted to steal, beautifully! whahaha Grace xoxoxo


A top hat to go on top of the tree . . . PERFECT!

The hat is AWESOME!!

Merry Christmas,

Lisa said...

Wow! How beautiful...
How did I miss that at Silver Bella? Probably a good thing I did miss it because I would want it. ;)

Cheryl F said...

Ann Denise,
This is the most gorgeouse top hat ever!!!!!! Love it!!! Jill is a lucky girl!! ;-)

cindy said...

That Hat is Over the Top (no pun intended) Gorgeous! She's a lucky gal and it looks great on the tree!

Merry Christmas my dear friend!