Saturday, January 31, 2009

Go get your Apron on!

Guess what came in the mail today! My advanced copy of Apron*ology! It's fab and I love all the creations that are published in this repertoire of original and dynamic aprons, especially mine! I am one of the humbly featured artist who was chosen to contribute one of my crepe creations! As you know it wouldn't be my work unless in someway, somehow I utilized crepe paper on my creation! Hence, "The Dahlia" a tulle based, crepe embellished apron was born. The beauty is proudly photographed on page 17, all tulled and creped out! It will be laid upon all bookstore shelves on February 1st or you can order your copy through Stampington & Company website! This publication is loaded with so many wonderful and inspirational works of art and it will inspire you to go and search out all of your mother's and grandmother's old aprons and find a way to bring them back to life! I am thankful and so humbled to be a part of this beautiful publication! So please go out, buy a copy and enjoy the read!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Queen of PInk Crepe Muslin Doll

This muslin crepe paper doll was made especially for a cutie pie in Minnesota and others can be seen on my etsy site as well. I think this Queen of Pink will love her new home as well as her new friend Abby! Her pink tulle head piece is knitted and a sparkly tiara has been attached so we don't forget who she is! Her dress has a tulle undercoat and the outer piece is all hand creped and a frou frou ruffle is attached for the added poof! She is gracefully adorned with fuchsia satin ballerina slippers in anticipation of be taken to a ballet or two! Abby I hope you love her as much as I loved making her!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Now that's a paperdoll!

This is my idea of a paper doll! She is handcrafted of muslin but her hair and dress is entirely constructed of crepe paper, Of course! Too cute! I listed them on my etsy site as well as other lovely valentine crepe creations. I was inspired to create a paper doll with hugability! Be inspired to create with love!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new!

Happy New Year and so glad to be back! I bet alot of you are wondering where I've been and what I 've been up to!?!? Well to tell you the truth~ A whole lot! I had to get off the crepe carousel for a moment to catch my breath and deal with alot of life's little jabs. I recently received a note from someone near and dear who was wondering if I was OK and my whereabouts? I had to stop for a moment and remember that I forgot all about the colorful things that made me tick in my crepe world like my art, my blog, and the most important you! Most of you know I normally don't post my daily happening with my personal life (family) but I felt that this post is important and necessary. I would like to share with you some very life changing events that may reflect in my work and hopefully shows my growth as an artist, writer, designer and most of all as a person.

First, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage I. She had a double mastectomy and is now cancer free. She was lucky and we were Thankful! I love you mom! Second, my daughter has been experiencing difficulties in school and were left to home schooling~rough endeavor, hats off to all those moms and dads who can do it~ she is now back in school and this too is a rough road we're traveling. I love you Kendall! Third, my children are very lucky little people and have the pleasure of being able to experience life with their great grandparents , however their drastic decline in health and emotional state has brought us to a point of placing them in a nursing facility and this has been very hard on us all. They are very special to all of us and we pray for them each and every day. Last, the flu has hit our family hard, whatever this particular strain is comprised of, it was highly contagious and super icky! It started with my four year old worked it's way to my husband then to each one of my five children and then of course, ME! ugh......sadly it turned into a sinus infection and now is lingerly like a old cold gone bad! So believe it or not, all this has transpired during these past two months of my bloglandia absence! Ooohh woe is me!!!

BUT!!!!! I won't let any of this get me down........I had much time to reflect and appropriate... not appreciate but appropriate, appropriate my all of this energy to bigger and better things for the new year!

I thought long and hard about my web cam and the possibilities of using it to teach you the ins and outs of creping. Sounds exciting, huh? All I have to do is figure out how it all works and I think I shall have a go at it! ahhhh, sounds like something to tune in for! I have begun to get ready for Valentine's day, one of my favorite times of the year! LOVE, oh how I LOVE LOVE!

Oh, I love my hunky husband especially, tee hee!

I hope this explains alot of my absence and I apologize for any voids I may have caused but I do look forward to the new year, new crepe creations and most of all, thank you for listening and caring!

Love, Ann-Denise