Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bella's Bash

What's this I behold in front of thine eyes...you ask!
Candy and lots of it!

Fuchsia Frosted cupcakes held so beautifully in sugar cones. Ahh, the butterfly dances so gracefully waiting for just a lick! Candy cups glistening in the crystal chalices hoping to be emptied by all the tiny little inpatient hands waiting in the wings.

Ohh, who's that , you ask?!
That's Bella, it's her 5th Birthday Bash.
It wouldn't be right not to have a candy bar for her heiness!

There was chocolate covered popcorn, old fashioned candle filled soda pop bottles, pink whoppers, pixie stixs, finger jello, lollipop trees as far as the eyes could see and the list goes on and on.......

Bella had a ball and so did her guests! She is the last of my flock and of course we had to bring in her 5th year with a bang! May her friends , family and especially Bella always remember all the pink, sweet, and happy memories of this delicious day!
Happy Birthday Bella!
Love, Mommy


Susan Crabtree said...

what a SWEET birthday!

annie said...

Beautiful table. Would appreciate tip on how you keep your cupcake cone upright. Thanks in advance. Annie

cindy said...

ohmygosh....how amazing is that? I bet those kiddo's could not believe their eyes! Bella is a lucky young lady indeed to have such a creative mommmy! :D

yapping cat

Deedra said...

I second Cindy in that Bella is one lucky little lady to have a momma like you! Her childhood will be filled with such amazing, yummy, colourful memories!!!!! You're amazing!!!!!