Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paper Cowgirl 2009

Meeting Tina Wright and Cindy Mayfield ~ Head Paper Cow Girls~ for the first time in person at The Dove's Nest in Waxahachie , Texas. They were the nicest gals and so hospitable. It was a lovely Meet N' Greet and we got to shop a little after talking and nibbling on snacks! I found some treasures......oooohhhh!

Some of the gals chatting away with old and new friends! I only took two pictures during the Meet N' Greet because I got so chatty Cathy myself that I forgot to take more pics!

Crepe Paper Spun Hearts Class
Paper Cowgirl 2009
Yee Haw!
21 students, not shown is Heather Ales, we missed you Heather!

Here's Shannon, La Verne, Jodie, Kimla, and Valita beginning the project!

Here's my Chatty Cathy corner~Alisa, Nina, Joanna, Mikaela (Joanna's daughter and Thank You So Much Mikaela for taking our group picture , it came out wonderful!), Cara, Kerrie, Cheryl, and Donna.
Oopps, sorry about that Donna, didn't mean to chop off your left eye!

LaVerne is hard at work trying to find the right words! You heart came out fabulous by the way!

I was so inspired by these gals, they dove right into the project and learned some great techniques and created some spectacular Crepe Spun Hearts! You all just amazed me! In the back we have (Deborah, not shown , I chopped her off accidentally, sorry Deborah!)Elizabeth, Renee, Susan, Upfront is Carrie, Karen, Rhonda, and Judy!
I don't what it was but this side of the room never won a raffle....Ladies, I promise the bingo cage wasn't fixed. LOL!

Deborah and Elizabeth created breath taking creations!

Here's Kimla, glue gunning way, is that proper English? Probably not! LOL

These two ladies mean serious business. Crepe paper ruffles are not for the faint hearted! haha
Susan and Renee, I loved your hearts, good job!

Paying attention to detail! Cara your mini fleurs turned out Divine! Perfecto!

Alisa and Nina are partners in crime!

Me and Kimla!

Wow Judy! I feel the love!

Rhonda, Your heart puts a smile on my face, I love it!

I love the vintage fabric Elizabeth choose for her Crepe Spun Heart! Magnificent!

Up close and personal!

Carrie you said you couldn't sew!
That's not true, your heart is gorgeous! And well put together I might add!

I think Nina is going to hang hers on her door! Oh so pretty!

Joanna said she is going to use hers as a pin cushion. I love it! Good Job Joanna!

Valita, your heart came out so sweet!

Cara's finished heart of art! Wonderful....she's proud!

Your heart is fantastic Karen and I love the color combo!

There were many swaps going on at the end of the evening and I happened to join in on the Tiara/Crown swap, of course! I made a very special Tinsel Tiara for Joanna, she looked Divine! and the fabulous Heather Ales made a gorgeous glass and feathered crown for my big head! Thank you Heather I loved it!
A special note to all my students.............
You all created some very special crepe spun hearts and inspired me with your willingness to learn the art of crepe. I didn't get a chance to say how much I will be forever touched by all of you and thank you for allowing me to share my passion and love of crepe with you!
Thank you and I hope to see you all again next year at Paper Cowgirl 2010!
P.S. By the way my superman husband helped me fix my sewing machine~ YAY!
(It failed me at workshop, next year, I'm bringing two!)
P.S.S. I finished so late with my class I was unable to contribute to my good friend, Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist~Mad Tea Party, so I will create a special tribute and post it just for her~ I apologize Miss V! I hope your party was fabulous!


The Artful Paper Doll said...

Oh what fun! I am so pleased to see you having such a great time with your workshops. What a treat to come visit you and see what you've been up to. I really must incorporate crepe paper in my work. It's just too yummy to resist not doing it.

Sending fairy wishes for a magical day!

Cheers! =D
The Artful Paper Doll said...

OH What FUN!!!!!!!!!! No worries, this was fab!! xoxo

Joanna said...

Hey Ann-Denise,

Your class was wonderful! I totally enjoyed myself & am truly happy that I signed up for your class!

Thank you for giving us so much attention & direction. I am definitely going to put some of that to good use. :)

Hope to see you again before Silver Bella.

Keep in touch!

hugs, Joanna

Kimla Kay said...

What a wonderful, crepe-a-licious experience! Ann-Denise - you have such a warm and kind and enthusiastic personality. It was a pleasure to be in your class and see your amazing talent at work. (You guys should see her with the crepe...she uses her fingers like Edward Scissorhands!) The kits were so well planned and the individual treats (oh my!) and the crepe paper name tags and went way out. Can't wait to see you again in McKinney.

Little Mama said...

I absolutely LOVED your class!!! Your are great teacher and a so SWEET! Thank you, thank you for coming out to Paper Cowgirls and sharing your great talents with us!


3rdEyeMuse said...

with all that goodness happening, it's a wonder you aren't still asleep! the class looks like it was a GREAT success. :)

cindy said...

It was soooo much fun! And such a delight to meet you! You are amazingly talented and sweet to boot! Glittered boot, that is! :D Great post! Captured all the fun of your wonderful class.

yapping cat

mendytexas said...

LOVED it all Ann Denise! You are so much fun and soooo talented! Hugs to you! :)mendy