Friday, November 21, 2008

Crepe Glitter Candle Tutorial...I've got that Christmas Spirit!

A little embellishment goes a long way!
These candles can be found on my etsy store, Whim & Fancy Designs, However I have this simple little tutorial for you to make your very own Glittered Crepe Candles for this Holiday season.
This crepe embellishment is quite simple and makes for a terrific girls night out and super gift giving.
Supplies needed:
1. Taper candles (any size)
2. Glitter(super fine) it makes for a prettier candle! I love Martha's glitter, an array of colors to choose from
3.Aileen's Super tacky craft glue
4. 2 yards of creped ruffle available on my etsy site or your own
5. Embellishments of your choosing, vintage flora, mini ornaments, ribbons, etc.
6. Paint brush for glue
7. Hot glue gun & glue sticks
First you begin with glittering your candles, you will have to do this one half of candle at a time, unless you have a vice , which makes your task much easier.
Once you have the entire candles glittered and thoroughly dried, which takes up to a couple of hours. You will hot glue the crepe ruffle (not the candle), wait a few seconds then begin to twirl your crepe ruffle around the bottom of the candle as you go ( an inch above the vertical ridges where the candle sets in the candle sticks).
Once you have twirled desired amount around the candle, you can begin to embellish the top edge of creped ruffle.
Voila, you have a glittered creped candle!
I hope this inspires you to create an inspirational holiday treat for yourself or loved ones!
~Happy Holidays~


Rachel said...

Ooooh, great tutorial i already have most of the materials, I'll send you a pic when i'm done making one. TFS!!!
Love ya Neicy!!

Denise Elizabeth said...

Wow lovely blog and etsy! Great tutorial I will have to visit again soon. Hugs Denise

Paper Cat Designs said...

Hi Anne-Denise!

I would absolutely love for you to be part of my Artful Elite panel. Your blog and work absolutely most definitely fits in with what I call artful blogging and beautiful artwork. I enjoyed your Marie Antoinette and your Halloween posts. GREAT photos!

In fact, before I add you to my panel would you do me the honor of being my first feature for December? I love the idea of a featured artist becoming part of the panel too.

I would love to show off those crepe paper dresses in some way. We can talk more about it in the days to come.

Hugs! =D

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Thanks for the tutorial Anne-Denise, I love the candles I got from you. I hope to do a simple Thanksgiving post before Thursday with your creped candles(among a million other things I have to do this week...tons of company coming) and will tell everyone who made them for me. ~ Lynn

frstyfrolk/Cyndi said...

Beautiful Blog and wonderful easy tutorial. I have tons of candles and nuy supplies at this time of year for all year when they are on sale.

You slide is awesome too, I enjoyed my show here, Thanks for sharing!