Saturday, March 1, 2008

Easter Tidings & Bunny Kisses

Easter is almost upon us and quite early I might add. My beautiful mother-in-law said it wouldn't be for another 60 years or so till it came this early again. So I guess we should all consider ourselves lucky to expereince the easter bunny's early arrival! This is an exciting time of year, everything starts to turn green and colors change from jewels to pastels. I am feverishly working on all my holiday egg crackers also known as cascarones,colored eggs filled with confetti and I put fairy dust in mine for that added touch! They are a mexican tradition and it is said that if they are cracked over ones head it will bring you good luck. My childern adore them and my guest that come for easter brunch , love them as well! I wish you all a delightful Easter and happy egg cracking!

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Jean Knee said...

I love your use of crepe paper. isn't it just the perfect medium?