Friday, June 27, 2008

Tea at High Noon!

It's time for Vanessa Valencia's Mad Tea Party! Ohhh Bravo, crumpets anyone?

Oh, how I love a Mad Tea party,
my best hat de fleurs and I even brought my own teaspoon!

On my Hat, TEE HEE!

Every girl needs a party hat, don't you agree?

Do we have any animal crackers?

Did I hear someone say .....~I'm Crackers~?!?

OOOhhhhhh I love animal crackers.........!

And cake,ooohhh I love cake and cupcakes too...with animal crackers!!!!!!

Ohh yippeee! Cupcakes!!! I just love cupcakes!

"She's gone mad!" You say.....

I prefer the term crackers, thank you very much!.

Well , isn't that the point,

A Mad Tea Party!

~He He~

Thank you for stopping by and have a tea toteling day!

Pip Pip and Cherrio!

The blue tea you see above is compliments of

"Vanessa'a Glitter Glue Mistake!" of A Fanciful Twist

It's fabulous and so beautiful, my daughter's now want a chandelier made of it!

Please feel free to comment, I enjoy your thoughts and remedies

on my lunacy!*~~*!

Later on in the weekend I will also be listing the tea party hats on my Etsy shop, along with the animal managerie cupcake and paper party cake!

Don't forget!

Remember to stop by tomarrow for Vanessa Valencia's, Mad Tea Party! An online blog party! If you click on to Vanessa's site, you will see who will be in attendance. It should be an abundance of eye candy! I will have plenty of crepe crumpets waiting here just for you! You don't need anything, just some time because there will be many blog stops and I'm sure plenty of tea and treats along the way! Ta Ta, See you all tomarrow!

Monday, June 23, 2008

English Crackers in Bethesda, Maryland..........

I've been working with a very special client for the past three months on a special request for her post-wedding reception. It will take place in a beautiful garden in Bethesda, Maryland. 100 English Crackers were ever so delicately put together and embellished with handmade crepe tissue peonies, tea stained crepe paper all sewn into beautiful ruffles, then embellished with metallic gold ribbons and satin floral leaves. Wonderful trinkets fill the crackers, I'll keep those a secret...shh. The papers used were pink Parisian with embossed flourishes and bright colored peony orange and a gold lumae also with embossed flourishes. I then decoupaged beautiful peony napkins with gold hand stamped vows on them. The ends were carefully burned for the vintage finish. As an added detail each cracker received a quote beautifully done on vellum paper. I wish my client a wonderful life with her new husband and always remember to stop and smell the peonies! Bon Vie' Jennifer & Brad!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A few more pictures......

For A Special Boy and Girl!

A very special little boy and little girl will soon be receiving a very special package. A custom order of place setting and a whimsical hat! Their mommy truly adores them!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting Older But Feeling Younger!

I have been kept quite busy with many deadlines and custom orders and this is one of the beauties that evolved out of my crepe carousel! This hat was recently ordered by a client out in Lafayette, California for a friend turning the BIG "30"! The quote says,"Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional!" The main color choice were hues of purple and adding childish humor to all the trinkets that embellished the hat. The hat is all hand creped and sewn, there are feathers, blowers, custom birthday numbers with cocktail monkeys and friends to adorn them! I wish the birthday girl a very Happy Birthday and may she grew old gracefully and have the time of her life doing it!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Let The Summer Festivities Begin!

Well.....I am not one to write about my family life but today ALL FIVE of my children began their summer break.'s going to be a long one!LOL, I am a room mom for my oldest daughter's classroom and as such, I decided to create a special crepe creation just for her end of the year class party. Actually two of them, because her class and another class share a sciencepod together, it was only fitting to include the other classroom as well! This little treat or should I say big treat turned out to be a huge hit! It has been something I have been working on and it came to me one evening as do all my crepe creations, The Candy Crepe Cage™ a Whim & Fancy original! (I will have theses Crepe Cages available through my Etsy shop for custom orders.) The Candy Crepe Cage is all creped out and covered with all sorts of delights and crowned with each one of the teachers initials! My daughter suggested we attach a fitting tag, titled "the giving tree" and that it was, it kept on giving and giving! I always find joy in my creping but when others find joy in it as well, I know that everything is sound in the world! Happy Summer and Happy Creping!